Bonus Poker

Double Bonus Poker

The game of Double Bonus Poker is a specific variant of the casino game video poker, which is given a twist through higher payouts for Four of a Kind Aces hand. The game is the creation of online casino software giant Realtime Gaming and can be played for fun or real money at by fans of great video poker games.

The graphics of Double Bonus Poker are second to none and make for gaming that is easy on the eye and simple to navigate. The colors are bold without being gaudy and the instructions, paytable and fonts are clear. With video poker being the perfect combination between poker and slots, players are treated to the skill element of poker with the luck factor of video slots and the objective of Double Bonus Poker is essentially to use your skills to make the right decisions and then pray that lady Luck remains on your side!

Objective of the game

How to Play Double Bonus Poker?

The objective of Double Bonus Poker is the same as the ultimate goal of video poker – ie. to create the best possible hand according to traditional poker card rankings. Players familiar with the version of video poker called Jacks or Better will recognize that the rules of Double Bonus Poker are almost the same. Double Bonus Poker will pay out higher on Four of a Kind hands.

The first step when playing Double Bonus Poker is to decide which coin denomination you want to wager and how many coins. Once you’ve established your wagering choices, you’ll have the video poker machine deal you five cards from a deck of cards. You will need to make a decision of whether you want to discard all or some of the cards, with the objective being to make the highest ranking poker hand possible. To make this decision, it is important that you are familiar with the payout table, especially since payouts differ from other versions of video poker. Once you have discarded any, some or all of your cards, you will be dealt the number of cards discarded and the final five hand cards forms the basis for your payouts.

Hand Ranks

The ranks in Double Bonus Poker are important to know as they determine how much you will get paid out. A pair of Jacks or Better is lowest ranking combination in Double Bonus Poker, followed with a Three of a Kind, a Straight, a Flush, a Full House, a Four of a Kind (made up of cards five and up but not including Aces), a Straight Flush, a Four of a Kind combination made up of cards one to four, Four of a Kind Aces and, finally a Royal Flush. As you can see, a lot of emphasis is placed on Four of a Kind hands in Double Bonus Poker and you could enjoy some great payouts if you literally play your cards right!

Payout Potential

A Royal Flush is undoubtedly the hand you’ll want to land in Double Bonus Poker and payouts are 4,000 coins if you wager max (5 coins). A four coin wager on a Royal Flush will land you a 1,000 coin prize, while three coins earn you 750 coins. As a lot of attention is given to Four of a Kind wagers in Double Bonus Poker, you’ll love the 800 coin payout on a five coin wager by lining up four Aces, while Four of a Kind 2, 3 or 4 will pay out a 500 coin jackpot. As with all forms of video poker, the more coins you wager (from one to five), the higher your payouts if you hit a good hand. What are you waiting for? Try immediately this wonderful game either from your pc or from your mobile device. It will be so intriguinnng that you will not want to stop anymore!