7 Stud Poker

7 Stud Poker: the Classic with a Twist

Innovation with all the appeal of traditional video poker is what makes Real Time Gaming’s 7 Stud Poker stand out. You’ll find that this game keeps you guessing with its innovative way of dealing the cards, and the bonus features are well worth playing over and over again. 7 Stud Poker packs as much fun in one game as possible – and the best part is that you can play it for free at Casino Midas New Zealand!

Gameplay Overview

The moment you click “Play” you’ll know that this is a very special video poker variation: you are dealt 7 cards, of which only the first one and the third one are face up! Excitement builds up while you choose your bet every time a new card is revealed. If you have a strong initial hand, betting with every round might just bring you a massive prize! However, you can also choose to “Deal All” should you wish to take the shortcut and reveal your hand at once.

7 Stud Poker poses more of a challenge than many other video poker games, with a paytable that starts payouts at Three of a Kind. The Royal Flush is the highest paying hand with a 500 coin win, followed by the Five of a Kind and Straight Flush with 400 and 200 coins respectively with maximum coins played.

Bonus Features

To make things even more exciting, 7 Stud Poker also allows you to place a bonus bet which awards excellent prizes for certain combinations: a Royal Flush will pay out 5000 coins, a Straight Flush will win you 2000 coins, while a Four of a Kind will bring you 500 coins if you place a bonus bet.

Moreover, if your winning hand is at least a Straight, you’ll be presented with a unique double-or-nothing bonus round. During this round, you’ll have to guess whether a face-down card is higher or lower than 7 – and if you win, you get to double your winnings!

7 Stud Poker is a unique spin-off on classic video poker: if you’re searching for a fun game with serious winnings this is the game for you. Moreover, if you will follow our precious tips you might easily bring home a crazy amount of cash!